Why Roombas are the Best

Today’s post brought to you by Kylah!

Since Nikki is off working more hours in 2 weeks than I would ever even think about attempting, she has asked me to guest post on her blog. I decided that I wanted to tell you guys about something that I love and Nikki hates, specifically, the Roomba I recently purchased.


You guys, this thing is the best. I will say that I got a wicked good deal on it; otherwise I never would have bought it. I will also say that I live in a large studio apartment, so honestly it would not kill me to vacuum my own floor, but maybe it would, who knows. My house is basically cleaning itself while I’m at the bar busy doing other super important things. Why vacuum when I have an awesome little robot that can do it for me?

I decided that my Roomba needed a name and that it would be Rosario, like the character from one of the best shows, Will and Grace.


I will admit that the first time I let it loose and it was trying to work itself out of a corner, I had to resist the urge to call out to it, like it was a pet, in another room getting into something it shouldn’t. I quickly realized that it’s not going to knock anything over and can free itself from basically any situation (it even successfully untangled itself from my phone charger). It’s totally my fave.

Plus when you have friends over, they can crumble up tortilla chips and “feed” them to your Roomba. Obviously the Roomba is something to love, not hate, sorry Nik 🙂


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