5gts: Thursday Edition

Hey y’all, Jennie again. Here are Five Good Things for your Thursday:

1. This recipe for healthier parm truffle French fries.

2.Living so close to your friends you can walk to their house (this is novel for LA.)


3. Tonight is First Thursday, which means a party down on Melrose full of food trucks, including ice cream sandwiches. Do you have anything like this? You should look for cool community events like this, they are SO fun for summer!

4. It’s almost Friday. Enjoy this picture of a latte.


5. This quote: “What keeps you going isn’t some fine destination but just the road you’re on, and the fact that you know how to drive. You keep your eyes open, you see this damned-to-hell world you got born into, and you ask yourself, ‘What life can I live that will let me breathe in & out and love somebody or something and not run off screaming into the woods?”(Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams)

Enjoy these lovely, lovely clouds. Unless you’re not in June Gloom. Then enjoy the sunshine, chicks!


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