because no one ever asked them.

Hey everyone, Jennie here, still, writing while Nikki is traveling. Today, I want to talk to you about something near and dear to me: blood donation.

I have been giving blood since I was sixteen, on a semi-regular basis, sometimes because I forget to go, and sometimes because I am anemic and don’t always have enough iron to donate. Yesterday, for my birthday, I went to donate blood, and made sure to take iron a few days beforehand so that I would have enough to give blood.


Now, I give because I know how important it can be – people literally die because they don’t get the blood they need. There are constantly shortages in the United States, and not just when a natural disaster hits – all the time. One of the number one reasons people don’t give blood is because no one ever asks them to. Unless you know someone or live somewhere that’d been ravaged by a disaster, you might not think in your everyday life to give blood. So here I am. Asking you to give blood if you can.


It’s easy to give blood. The whole process takes about an hour, with the actual needle-time about 8 to 10 minutes. You usually get a treat and sometimes even a reward like a movie ticket or a free Coldstone Creamery coupon. Your donation can help up to three people. It’s easy, and if you bring a friend, you can have a race to see who can give faster (I know this also from experience.) Give through a local drive, through the red cross, or another local organization. Give every 56 days. You’ll be helping others, paying it forward, and someday, if someone you love needs blood, you will ask strangers to give their blood, like I am doing now, and you will see firsthand what a difference in the world one question can make.

Will you give blood?


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