five good things: conference(s) 2013 edition

Ok chickadees.

I’m taking one, big, long breath and saying hi before I get back to it, and more importantly, get closer to getting myself home to my “regular” life.

I’ve been hanging out in Orlando and Dallas, meeting all kinds of new people, hanging with some old friends, and not

It turns out that lots of coffee+a steroid = halfway functioning NP for 14 straight days of being onsite.

I also managed to smash my iPhone at some point last week (after being warned that I would because of my sub par case), but luckily, my first conference was not short on technical people and nice volunteers, so I was fixed up in no time.

I still need a new case.

But chickens, I’m not complaining. I’ve also danced plenty, laughed until I cried, and been told “thank you” enough times for the next couple of months. Here’s a list of five.good.things: conferences 2013 edition.

1. Conference-working is all day, crazy hard work. However, I’ve been lucky enough to hang with some of the best people on earth these past two weeks. Whether it’s cracking up after two hour nights of sleep, trying to fit 300 people into a 150 person room without panicking or crying, or dealing with a bunch of surly conference greeters, there is no one I’d rather be doing it with.

photo (2)

2. Happy hour happens every single night in Conference-land. This is a good thing (but one I’m happy to leave behind)- I’ve had every kind of cocktail there is over the past two weeks. Detox is calling my name.

3.  I had the pleasure of meeting the Goo Goo Dolls while onsite. It was both random and awesome, and I loved the 90s throwback. Although Johnny Reznik looks a little jacked up these days, he still sings just as nicely.

4. I’ve been wearing essentially the same outfit for the past two weeks, which is on the good things list because it means that I can get up three seconds before heading downstairs to our early meetings.

Can I even remember how to dress myself?

Probably not, chicks.
5. In less than 24 hours, I’ll be heading back to my favorite place in the world, complete with my favorite people and a brand new home (which I have only technically seen once). That, my friends, is quite possibly the best thing of all.


Can’t wait to catch back up, chickadees. Enjoy this day!


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