stay stay stay

Morning, chickadees!

Here we are, again.

After almost three weeks of running around, I’m about to get back to a routine.

This should be interesting.

Yesterday ended up being less about unpacking and more about beach visiting with my mom, which was just fine by me.

Random boxes, I’ll get to you on a day that doesn’t offer me this alternative.

The water was freezing, so I mostly sunbathed (read: burned, because I don’t remember that I’m both blond and blue-eyed), but it was a lovely way to spend a free afternoon.

After a quick treat at DQ, I headed home, used all 26 million of my keys to get into my condo (I’m gonna need to figure this out soon, chickens), and tried to shower all the sand off of me.

I was highly unsuccessful.

Next up was a return to yoga.

Hot yoga, because why ease into anything?

Struggling to find the right key on my chain to lock my door made me miss my bus, which meant a long trek to the studio, since my move has put me off a finicky bus line.

I was maybe tired already from the walk by the time class started.

One hour and fifteen minutes later, I remembered what tired actually felt like.

You guys, my limbs are essentially jelly this morning.

I’m never skipping class for that long again. By the time I hit the mat and closed my eyes, I was a sweaty, slippery, uncoordinated mess.

I’ll try again when the room’s not heated to 100 degrees.

I’m not even sure it will help.

And with that, I’m off to try my new commute and to remember what a day in my cubicle feels like- enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens!



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