you gotta work it out

Morning, chickens!

It’s a bright, sort of early morning for me. I wished I could have maybe hung in bed for a few more minutes.

I’m hitting work for a meeting, but the sun is shining, and it’s already Wednesday, so I’m all over it.


Last night, JD and I decided to try our hands at running after a long absence.

We like to just get back into it.

We can also be irrational at times.

Generally, our plan is to just turn up our beats so we can’t hear ourselves breathe, and go for it.

What resulted was essentially a walk/run combo, but since I was sure we weren’t even going to be able to pick up our feet, much less move them in a forward direction, I felt fairly good about the whole thing.

Take that, unruly joints.

I miss running too much to let a little autoimmune disease slow me down.

Up the rest of the week- returning to bells (and likely dying in the process while a crazy Russian laughs at me), visitors from MI, and maybe, one day, unpacking the second bedroom so it doesn’t look like hoarders live in here.

One thing at a time, right chickadees?

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.




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