good things ahead.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome back to the work week.

It’s funny how that happens so fast around here.

Chalk it up to lovely, summer-y days.

This weekend: the Blackhawks won (and will win tonight and I’m sorry to all my Boston pals, but man, I’ve gotta take Chicago’s side), it was finally time for some deck sitting (thanks MC & MM) with my very favorite lady friends, we had visitors from MI in, which meant Ethiopian AND Thai food in one little weekend, Gene the Russian hugged me and then destroyed my muscles with bells, and we cleaned up and shut down our little apt on Cornelia.

It’s one thing to move out of there while I’m touring the country, and an entirely other thing to shut the door on an empty apartment knowing I’m not coming back.

Then I thought the following (and bear with me chickadees, I’m feeling my feelings for a second, and I’m terrible at it):

We left what was between those four walls as full with good memories as we possibly could, and plus, I even got to take my roommate with me.



Welcome to condo living, chicks, is what I say.

And less dust elephants to contend with.

Both pluses, in my estimation.

Up this week: Condo tours + dinner for CJ & LM, more hockey, and the promise of Ky’s mom and sister at the end of the week.

I’m seeing nothing but good things ahead, chickens.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.


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