great wins and wet clothes.

Morning, chickadees.

And congratulations for making it past Monday.

Oh what a Monday it was.


I love sports, you guys. That means football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and anything that makes it into the Olympics (yes, even curling.)

If there’s one thing I love more than I love sports, it’s Chicago.

Which means that last night’s Stanley Cup win by the Blackhawks was essentially my ideal situation.

Especially with two goals in 17 seconds. Especially since I had resigned myself to another nail biting overtime.

Especially since when they won and I was sad they weren’t home, JW played  this for me.

Go Hawks. There’s no place better than Chicago, end of story.




I would, however, be remiss in summarizing my evening if I gave all the glory to the Blackhawks.

So let’s back up for  a minute.

Last night CJ and LM stopped by for dinner and a tour of our new place.

CJ and I left work, but by the time we got to my neighborhood, the skies looked a little ominous.

We stepped off the bus, and immediately the wind picked up to crazy speeds, and the skies opened up on top of us.

We started running and made it a couple blocks, already soaking wet.

“Is it a twister?” CJ yelled in my direction.

“I don’t know. Wait- we’re going the wrong way.” In my haste, I had forgotten which way it was to my condo.


For the next ten minutes, CJ and I hopped over fallen trees, waded through a flash flood, and continued to laugh/cry/scream our way through the downpour.

“If I take off my shoes, am I going to get electrocuted?” she asked at one point, tripping over her flip flops.

I sensed she would not.

Eventually, we arrived at my front door, looking pretty much like two people who had hopped into a pool and nearly drowned.

Our dinner date quickly became a pajama party as I dug through still unpacked boxes for clothes we could both throw on.

LM let us know she’d be late, noting that “it’s raining pretty hard and I don’t want to get wet walking to my car.”

I snapped a pic of CJ before she peeled off her soaking wet cardigan, sent it her way, and replied “We know.”

You guys, it wouldn’t be fun if things didn’t get a little out of control sometimes.

Enjoy this one, chicks.




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2 responses to “great wins and wet clothes.

  1. Awesome game last night!!!

  2. Thanks for helping through another day with a smile on my face. Love you. xoxoxo

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