more than a touch of grey

You guys, this gloomy weather is less  than desirable.

It made it 100% impossible to get out of bed on time this morning.

It also means I’m gonna have to hunt down a semi-functioning umbrella, or risk being soaked.


In any case, this better clear up for the weekend, because I have plans that do not include being stuck at home.

Thanks for your consideration.

Also: is it safe to shower in a thunderstorm? I mean, technically I just lived through it (I’m such a daredevil), but was just wondering if it’s a risk my mom made up or if it’s actually legitimate.

Moving on: last night included more post-work fun, heading to a happy hour to celebrate GB’s new gig, catch up with my pals, and eat tots.

All equally important components of a weeknight gathering.

Up today: a really, really important Supreme Court ruling, (pay attention to this one, chickadees), moving through lots of summer meetings, and finally, a night where my only activities include a run and hanging out on my couch.

That alone makes Wednesday a little bit sweeter, chicks.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it (and oh man, I hope it turns up around here soon).




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One response to “more than a touch of grey

  1. Erin Thornburg (@ethornbu)

    My mother always told me not to shower during a Thunderstorm too! Something about getting electrocuted I think! (No idea if it is legit)

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