urban pioneers and addictive news.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome to just past Monday.

It’s a better place to be.

This morning, I got the chance to sleep in, since I’m hanging out in front of my computer all day, waiting for some bedroom furniture to make its way to me.

Translation: No longer will I have to wear strange outfits to work which are the result of trying to find my clothes in eight different places.

Also, JW and I can give up sleeping on a mattress on a floor.

See you later, crack den.

Also new in condo living: out hot water heater has been malfunctioning this week, which means I’ve been trying to shower in two minutes flat.

Additionally, it may mean I’ve resorted to heating up pots of water in order to wash dishes.

JW told me this was insane.

I say it’s resourceful.

I feel like an urban pioneer.

You guys, also, before I forget.

I’ve been inhaling The Newsroom like it’s nobody’s business. I picked it up the other night after realizing that too much trashy television might actually affect my brain. However, this free first season preview is actually terrible since I don’t even get HBO and will never get to lay my eyes on the second season (and I’m not dramatic about it, at all).

If you are privileged enough to get premium cable, you should probably watch it all this week.

And then partner with me to create a sweet news show that fights all the advertisers and bad reporting.


Report back, chickadees.


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