speeding up to calm it down.

You guys, yesterday I decided to hit up an early yoga class.

I woke up before 5:30, packed up my bag, and headed out the door to catch the Addison bus.


Except halfway to the Addison bus, I realized that my class was at the other yoga studio location.

Which is not off of Addison.

I about-faced it, tracked the bus, and wondered if I could huff it all the way to Irving Park with a work bag, backpack, and yoga mat strapped to my person in less than five minutes.

Ugh, I thought, and picked up my pace, flailing the aforementioned items all over the place.

It also crossed my mind that  I hadn’t actually signed up for this class (I generally sign up every week and skip it, which has become an embarrassment), so likely by the time I missed the bus and ran/walked down to the studio, the door would be locked and I’d not be doing any vinyasas that morning.

As I was deep in thought about how badly my trek was going, I heard a voice behind me in the street (let me also mention that I was actually walking in the street, not on the sidewalk. I’m not sure why that was).

Hey, want a ride? the voice said.

I inwardly groaned. I obviously looked like the kind of early morning streetwalker who accepted rides from strangers.

This was obviously not what I was going for.

I maybe should have been walking on the sidewalk.

I turned around to confront weird, creepy car man, and came face to face with BS, dad of my favorite teens and godson, and also, my now-neighbor.

I gratefully crawled (read: threw in my bags and tripped into the car) into his passenger seat, explained my strange behavior, and made it to yoga on time.

Here’s to great neighbors, chickadees.

Namaste, everyone!


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