long days and quick answers

Morning, chickens!

I’m up bright and early this morning, ready to head out to O’Hare for a client event.

Which means a day of hanging out with my pals from the world of associations.

Not a bad way to spend the next eight hours or so, all things considered.

The lack of caffeine in this house prior to six-thirty has me a little bleary-eyed (that and a minor sunrise shoe panic that nearly ended with me wearing flip flops), but maybe it’s better to leave the waking up until I hit the cab ride.

This could be a long one, chickadees.


Last night, VB, CJ, and I headed out of our reception to the parking garage, when VB admitted he was feeling a little bit under the weather.

The congestion from swimming, he said. This is a common post-swim complaint.

CJ nodded. Me too, she said. It’s conditional to swimming in the lake. We’ve isolated the problem. Not from pool laps.

I noted that I felt fine, and wondered aloud, Guys, are you swallowing a lot of lake water when you swim?

Yep, they answered in unison.

That water’s not great for drinking, I don’t think.

But at least we got down to the bottom of it.

Enjoy this one, chickens!






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