and this is where it is.

And just like that, we made it to the end of the week.


As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me, so I’m anxious to get it started.

But not without a little preparation.

Last night, Ky and I headed to Target to grab a couple things and try and figure out what to bring tonight to Ravinia.

I’m starving, I whined, as soon as I stepped into the car.

I knew it, she hissed at me.

Being hungry while shopping at Target meant that I was too cloudy to figure out where the shampoo was.

I can’t find it anywhere, I said. Ky pointed to the Pantene bottles surrounding us and asked me if I knew what shampoo was.

People maybe started laughing at us in the aisle.

This only eggs me on though.

Being hungry at Target also means that everything starts to look like a legitimate grocery option.

I made a play for some strawberry frosted Poptarts, but was reminded that I don’t actually eat Poptarts.

I also spent some time wondering if gummy vitamins could constitute as a snack.

Eventually, I landed in the chip aisle, where I asked Ky if she thought maybe we needed some car-specific chips.

She nodded.

I snatched up a bag of “traditional” flavored chips, and we were on our way.

You guys, sometimes things get a little desperate around here.

I love these traditional chips, we both agreed.

Stay cool out there chickadees!


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