Listen to the night train

Morning, chickens!

I’m up super early this morning, heading in for a morning swim with VB and CJ.

Currently, I’m tracking appropriate buses to the lakeshore, and also, wondering if doing deep stretches in my aforementioned bathing suit might make it fit better.

So far, the answer is a firm, “not, not really.”

You win some, you lose some.

I’ll count this one a victory just because my eyes were open at 5:30 am.

This weekend was filled with concert going and relaxing- a great combination.

Friday night we headed to Ravinia, set up a picnic, and were rained on for much of the Sheryl Crow concert.

Luckily, everyone had an umbrella, and it turned out to be an awesome show, regardless of the fact that we were a little damp.

Except for my father, who decided he was having the best night of his life, and that the best night of his life involved dancing in the rain for over an hour straight.

I can’t fault him for wanting to have a good time.

Saturday, JD, Ky and I spent most of the day in pursuit of appropriate outfits for a Jason Aldean concert.

Until recently, we certainly weren’t part of the country set, but we’re ever evolving.

After a trip to Target, we ended with this.



We also ended up meeting up with CJ, LM, T & her pal, and had an excellent time at a full Wrigley Field listening to Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean, and also, thousands of country fans singing along.

I maybe loved it.

And with that,  chickadees, I’m off to hit the lake, a couple of meetings & my cubicle, and then enjoy the evening.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.


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One response to “Listen to the night train

  1. karla k.

    Alright my friend, should you be interested in continuing to pursue country music, please attend a Kenny Chesney show! They are THE BEST! Plus, we got to see him in Wrigley and it was phenomenal! Perhaps I shall have to join you for this event next year 😉

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