adding it up.

Morning chickens!

And Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday morning I was up early again, hitting the lake with my swimming partners before a riptide and some rogue waves washed in.

We like to stay on the right side of riptides.

No one wants to get swept out to Michigan.

Also, chickadees, it’s been an exciting week over here.

JW’s sister had our sweet nephew Samuel on Sunday night, and Monday, we headed to the hospital to get our paws on him.

I get to hold him first, I let JW know.

He just looked at me, patiently waiting for my reasoning on this one.

I’m older, I said.

It’s just the truth, chicks.

We met Sam at the hospital, where my suspicions were confirmed.

He’s obviously perfect.





Please ignore my crazy hair and focus your attention on this beautiful little guy.

Babies always show up when you need them most, chickadees.

That’s just a fact of life.

Thank God.

And with that, I’m off to tackle another day, try my patience with my favorite Russian, and enjoy the fact that summer has decided it’s not necessary for it to be 9o degrees outside.

This is one beautiful life we’re having, chickens.



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