ready for the next one.

Ok, chickens.

It is almost the weekend.


Ok, I thought so too.

This weekend, I’ve got only one concrete plan, which involves eating Greek food and celebrating the birthday of our pal KC.

KC is the baby of the group, but I try very hard not to hold it against her.

Even though she has like 80 years left before she has to confront turning 30.

In any case, aside from that, my plans involve hanging outside, spending some time yoga-ing and bell-ing (especially because I decided eating pasta would be a better use of my time than working out last night) and generally enjoying the last week of July.

The Saturday of summer’s almost over kids.

Explain to me how that happened so fast?

And with that, I’m off to cruise through a day full of meetings- the promise of a happy hour at the end of it is what’s keeping me moving this sunny morning.

Enjoy this one, chickadees.



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