it takes all kinds of kinds

All right you guys.

It’s officially Friday.

Sometimes, that’s enough to keep the world spinning for me.

Today I’ve got a day with only two real meetings, which is essentially a miracle.

I’m taking it.

This weekend has the promise of being filled with babies, teens, family, pals, and also, finally being allowed to stock up again at the Farm Market tomorrow morning.

Chickens, I’ve been having a problem.

In which my love for locally grown vegetables and friendly farmers ends in armfuls of produce that I’m never going to be capable of finishing.

This came at the same time as the strange decision that if JW was at class, I could eat exclusively carbs.

Things have been weird around here.

So I’ve been on vegetable lockdown these past few weeks, but I’m happy to report that several green smoothies, vegetable-laden pasta, and broccoli and mushroom-topped pizza later, I’m just down to a few pesky onions.

We all know onions will hang around forever, you guys.

I’m back out on the loose.

Just in time for things to get really good in the world of seasonal eating.

How many melons do you think I can haul home on my hip, chickadees?

This is a legitimate question.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!




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