jumping back into it

Morning, chickens!

We made it through Monday.

A serious accomplishment, if you ask me.

I even made it straight from work to bells, where my Russian friend G gave me a hug and then instructed me to “pick up your weapon.”

You got it, G.

60 minutes later, I was ready to crawl into bed and stay in a still position for at least ten hours.

It’s been a long few days of fitness.

Sunday, JC and I headed to restorative yoga, where we always try as hard as we can to be calm and still.

When it was time to balance into crow pose, I decided I was feeling strong, arthritic wrist joints be damned.

I leaned onto my upper arms, picked up my legs, and balanced.

I’ve got it, I thought.

Then I felt my wrists give.

And I tipped over.

And face planted into the floor.

Nik, were you trying to jump back into chaturanga? My yoga instructor is an ever optimist. She thought I was attempting a more advanced pose.

No, merely falling on my head, I explained, and untangled myself from the ground.

I may never be graceful, chickadees, but I can always laugh at myself, and I think that has to count for something.

Enjoy this one.




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