No I’m not trying to steal/No love away from no one man

Knowing I’m in the second half of a four day week is really motivation to keep on moving, chickens.

If only all my weeks looked this way.

Aside from this being my favorite holiday week of the year (we’re never swimming at Cape Cod again, my dad called to inform me last night after one particularly upsetting shark show), I am finally having my pals over to my new (ish) condo tonight to check it out, eat Thai food, and discuss if our book club is ever gonna get its wheels back or if maybe we just want to focus on drinking wine and laughing instead.

However it shakes out is fine with me, as long as the Thai food shows up.

At the tail end of this little week: a day off, which I’m hoping involves the following: yoga, relaxation, getting outside, and heading out to Tinley Park with JC and KB to see a slightly embarrassing concert that we just can’t say no to- ever.

John Mayer, I love you even though I know it’s wrong.

And I can’t decide if I want to punch you in the face or ask you to marry me.

This will be at least the third time I’ve caved in to the pressure of your smarmy good looks and guitar-playing ways.

Sometimes it’s best to admit what you can’t help, chickadees.



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