five good things: the i feel good edition

You guys.

Happy Wednesday.

Also: Happy unseasonable cool August in Chicago.

I sort of regret to say that I don’t hate it, because eventually it’s gonna get cold around here and I’ll wish it had been a scorching-hot kind of summer.

I think, anyway.

Today, since I haven’t done it in quite some time, and also because we can all use a dose of good things, I’m laying out five of them.

I bet you can think of more.

1. I’ve been hitting kettlebells twice a week for the last several weeks. I have an unlimited package at my studio, and I feel like I should be using it. Last Monday, while sweating profusely and struggling to lift the bell at all, G took a look at my form and informed me that he could tell I was  getting in shape.

Well thanks. That only took 3.5 years.

However, I was blessed by the kettlebell praise gods twice that week, since Saturday I walked in late after missing a bus (and hoofing it two miles to class on foot), and was welcomed with a speech to the class about my dedication and righteousness on the subject of bells.

I’m pretty sure I go mostly for the entertainment at this point, chickens.

2. Last night one of my favorite politicians won the primary in New Jersey for a Senate seat.



Cory Booker is my favorite, you guys.

Also, I admit I have a huge crush on him.

Mostly because of his politics.

A little bit because of his face.

On to the general election!

3. The teens started school this week. It’s KD’s freshman year, which has caused me some marked anxiety (my first day of high school, my best friend L came to pick me up and was promptly peed all over by my dog- it’s a tough world out there, chickens), but after reports from both her and her brother, I feel that she is poised for far less awkwardness than I ever was.



A fourteen-year old is essentially my mentor, you guys.

4. Our strange, sort-of-fake book club convinced us all to get back on the reading wagon (well, some of us never fell off), and I am almost finished with this Barbara Kingsolver gem:



The book is about butterflies migrating and the environment and Appalachia and you know, all the usual life stuff, and it’s a solid one, especially if you’ve read Kingsolver before.

I am inching my way back into the intelligent, book reading circles I once could hang in.

5. Our long-lost (well, not really lost, but we miss hersister CC is headed into town next week. I haven’t seen her face for real in over a year and I could not be more excited.


See ya in a second, chickadee!

And with that, my friends, I’m off to an early day of work with the promise of righteous bells at the end of this one. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!



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