the finish line keeps moving

Morning, chickadillos.

I’m so happy we made it to Thursday, aren’t you?

I had big plans to start this one out with six am yoga, but man, after a night of swinging bells sleep just sounds like a priority.

Especially because it seems like G’s newest favorite move is the pushup.

My arms are crying, but I assume it’s good for them.

Toughen up, limbs.


I read this post via Momastery earlier this summer and loved it, but I popped back over to it yesterday and thought it was worth sharing with the collective.

The woman has her own collective though, so you might have already seen this gem.

The Finish Line Keeps Moving

The gist of this (in case you hate clicking on my links) is that despite any and all success, for most of us, the finish line is just going to keep moving.

Got a promotion?

What’s your next move?

Won a race?

When are you signing up for the next one?

I don’t know about you, but I’m really good about letting my mind skip ahead to the next thing without taking more than three seconds to be psyched about what’s happening right this second.

Which basically means that nothing’s ever quite good enough, because I’m racing ahead to where the next indicator of success is hanging out, way ahead of me again.

Glennon also talks about how there are some things for her (for all of us, would be my guess), where there is no finish line. When you’re laughing so hard it hurts or hanging out with a passel of your friends or spending time with your family and nothing really matters except what’s going on right that second.

I’m going to try and hang out there a little more, chickadees.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.


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