enjoying every second of this one.

Morning, chickens!

I know, it’s been awhile, and for this I apologize.

Thursday and Friday, I was deep into full-day meetings, which pretty much kept me from functioning like a normal adult.

A normal human of any kind, if we’re going to be honest.

However, the long hours were worth it, because I had a weekend full of my pal C, attending a book release party (yes, I am a very legit adult), browsing the farm market, catching a glimpse of my nephew, and spending time submerged in Lake Michigan.

All of these are beautiful ways to spend the last weekend before Labor Day, chickens.

Please forget I ever said anything about next weekend being Labor Day.

And here, my friends, are some visuals from a full, lovely way to spend a couple of days off.


And with that, I’m almost ready to face down the reality of another week at work.

For some reason, cubicles and meetings don’t seem as entertaining as sunshine and swimming.

I can’t imagine why.

Luckily, I’ve given myself a four-day weekend to look forward, which means I can get myself to hang tough for the next four days.

Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed this one as much as I did, chicks.

Get into the sunshine if you’ve got it today.


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