into the next phase.

Hey there, chickadees.

It’s already Tuesday! How amazing is that?

And Happy September to you all.

That was a fast little summer, am I right?

This weekend was a good way to cap it off, with a trip to MI, which included some time to hang with Sam and lots of lake-gazing. After beating the traffic home Sunday night, it also meant a day at home relaxing before getting right back into it this week.



Friday night JW, J&CC, my parents, and I headed out to the Taste of Melrose to eat every delicious Italian food that they had to offer (which basically meant I ate a lot of items on bread covered in sauce and cheese- I can’t complain about that), and I wished that it was held more than once a year.

I’d have to do a lot of bells to justify that though.

Up this month (back-to-school month, can’t even believe it): my favorite 30 days at the Farm Market, the official end of summer, JW starts his very last quarter of school, and I head to San Francisco for work.

I like to keep things moving over here, chickadees.

Enjoy this beautiful start to another amazing season.


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