bearing with it.

And just like that, we’ve hit Monday again.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

It’s just a bit shocking, after three days of hanging around, not going to work.

This was a beautiful weekend, filled with yoga and kettlebells and movies and volleyball games (volleyball, I’ve decided, is a good sport to watch, especially when it’s featuring your favorite 14-year-old girl) and of course, lots of football.

You guys, football season is my favorite season, by far.

When passing a garage that had been renovated into a “man cave”, JW started to talk about his ideal future man cave plan, at which point I felt it necessary to alert him to a serious flaw.

It’s not going to be a man cave, really, because you’re gonna have to let me in there to watch football, I mentioned.

He conceded that it was probably true.

Of course I was  excited to watch the Bears win it at home, especially since I spent the morning reading analysis that said we wouldn’t be able to make it past the Bengals.

Please, you guys.

We’re the Bears.

In addition, despite my constant mourning over the loss of Lovie Smith (you guys, I loved him), I admit that Trestman, despite looking scrawny and a little emotionless (why can’t we hire someone with a couple facial expressions? Or maybe someone who throws a clipboard when we throw an interception? I’m looking for passion, chickens), he let us play it out on 4th and inches, which resulted in a touchdown, which ultimately ended in a win.

Lovie, I love you, but I suspect you would have handed the ball to Robbie Gould and settled for three points.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Bear down, Chicago, and enjoy this week- we’re right at the start of it.


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