they were never alone/they were never that far apart.

Happy Friday, chickens!

I’m glad we’ve made it here.


I went to bed and woke up angry about the same thing.

A dumb thing, really. And one I can’t fix by being mad about it.

I’d like to blame it on my cold, but chickadees, I’m not much of a blame placer, so let’s be honest, it’s just a case of Having a Bad Attitude.

And so, in an attempt to turn around my attitude in time for the weekend, I thought I’d maybe share a little bit about someone who always had a very good attitude.



That picture is always going to make me tear up the first second that I look at it.

My Uncle Tom left this earth two years ago, but luckily, he leaves me never.

When I talk about my uncle, I tend to focus on how when we lost him, it was the saddest, hardest thing that ever happened to me.

And it was. I don’t mean to diminish that, chickadees. But I certainly wasn’t the one it hurt the most, and because my uncle was who he was, I was in good company.

What I want to talk about today (in an effort to change that Bad Attitude) was how that now, sometimes, when I’m angry about something silly, or I feel like I’m not quite where I want to be in some superficial way (work, money, stuff), I always come back to my Uncle Tommy, and I think about the following items:

1. How I can think of almost no one in this world who I love as much as I love him.
2. How hundreds of people probably feel the same way.
3. How #1 and #2 have absolutely nothing to do with any of those superficial things that I worry about, and how they only have to do with a) the way he loved his family and b) what a good man he was and c) that he was always giving off positive energy.

At the end of this life, chickens, we’re all facing down the same thing. And I’m pretty sure no one’s getting any extra kudos because of anything other than the good things they put into the years they had.

And so, chickadillos, a bad attitude over things that don’t matter is sometimes inevitable, but it’s a place we deserve to pull ourselves out of.

I’m lucky I had someone so important to teach it to me.





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4 responses to “they were never alone/they were never that far apart.

  1. We all have a huge hole in our hearts. But, he is still among us and I know you made him smile today. Love you so much Nikki. Xoxo

  2. Michele

    This was beautiful, Nikki!! I Love You SO Much!!!

  3. Grace Hendricks

    That was great Nikki. You made me cry. I love you. Uncle Tom and Aunt Pat are sorely missed..

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