a quick break and a funny story.

Morning, chickens!

And just like that, we’ve made it back around.

It was a nice little weekend.

I used Friday night to nurse my cold, and by noon on Saturday, I was determined to get back to the land of the living.

It’s a much better place than my couch.

We spent some of Saturday hanging with T and his siblings, which meant running around the park for an hour and holding our breath the whole time because all he wants to do is climb and jump off things that seem Awfully High.

Luckily, T also understands the importance of safety.



Helmets, you guys.

Also this weekend: we spent time with V, J, and their beautiful daughter A, who is three months old, but so tall that I suspect she’ll overtake me by the time she’s two.

In addition, there was yoga, cooking, and a day of football in which the Bears pulled it out at the last second, so all of the screaming and obnoxious couch jumping I did obviously worked.

Right? That’s what pushed them over the edge, I’m pretty sure.

Also, a pretty hysterical conversation with my brother and father as I left, which remind me that they are the same exact person.

My mom was giving me some eggplant parm to go, and my father walked by and asked why she was using the particular container she had in her hand to me.

“I’m giving her the leftovers in this tupperware,” my mom explained.

“In that tupperware?! Don’t give her that- that’s so much more than tupperware.” At which point, he exited the scene mumbling and my mom and I looked at each other wondering why he was so attached to glass containers.

Enter MJ.

“Mom, why are you giving her that tupperware? That’s special- don’t give her that!”

More puzzled looks, as he exited the kitchen mumbling about how he needs a routine.

Which apparently glassware is now an integral part of in his life.

I’ll try my best not to harm the Palluzzi family heirlooms.

Enjoy this one chickadees, we’re right at the start of something.


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