stringing it all together.

Morning, chickens!

We’ve made it through Monday, which honestly is my constant number one priority.

The rest of this should be a breeze, right?


Yesterday, in an attempt to live a life that’s a little less focused on reality television (or television at all, really), I made sure to actually show up to bells (I sort-of-regretted this decisions six dozen pushups later), to get through the hard part of Cloud Atlas because I really want to know what happens next (I’ll keep you posted), eat a dinner that did not incorporate slices of American cheese, and watch television that is not played on E! or Bravo.

A success, though a difficult one.

I also was able to keep my newfound love for Fruit Ninja, a ridiculous, intended-for-children (I think), game I discovered on Sunday, under control.

You guys, I try to stay away from games that are known to be addictive.

Back when Snood was popular, I would play so much that I’d see the characters when I closed my eyes at night to sleep.

And let’s not get started on Mario. For several years, I only allowed my baby sister to “play” with a controller that wasn’t actually hooked up so I didn’t have to wait for my turn.

I’m lucky she was a little slow. When I tried it on MJ, he immediately scoffed at me and plugged himself in.

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even two.

Candy Crush?

I’m terrified of it. Won’t even go near it because chickens, you’ll lose me forever and I know it.

So after JW wrenched the iPad from my hands Sunday night, I realized it was probably important to fill my time with more worthy activities.

It’d be a shame to waste my clean library record.

Enjoy this one, chicks.



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