picking up pages

Oh hi guys.

And welcome to halfway through the week.

Well, getting there, anyway.

Yesterday was another full one, and included a long-overdue trip to the library.

Since the move, I’m a little further from my local branch, which means it’s a little harder to just pop on by whenever I feel like it.

I have a long flight to San Francisco on Sunday though, and I also have less than a hundred pages left of Cloud Atlas, so you know, things were about to get desperate.

I picked up Nicholas and Alexandra,  a book by my pal Richard Massie.

The last book I read by him was about Catherine the Great, and you guys, it was awesome.

She was kick ass.

Who knew I could have such affinity for Russian history?

In any case, this one’s about the fall of the Romanovs, so really, how can I go wrong?

When I brought it up to the circulation desk, the librarian (who, you guys, I think is one of my favorite people ever. He knows something about every book I ever hand to him), looked at me, told me they don’t make books like they used to, and recommended a good pot of tea to accompany the Russians.

You guys, sometimes I think I missed my calling.

And now, I’m off to a day light on meetings and heavy on bells.

I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Enjoy this one, chickens.


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  1. Yes! Nicolas and Alexandria is a really good one!

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