ready ready ready

Chicken- it’s Friday.

Let it be known.

You’ve probably already figured that out though.

I skipped the jotting down of thoughts yesterday due to the fact that after pretending I’d get up for early yoga for the past month, I actually did it yesterday.

Turns out that one productive thing per morning is all I’ve got in me, but really, that’s still something as far as I’m concerned.

My yoga studio is designed so that I face huge, floor-to-ceiling windows while I do my best to not fall over.

I get a little bit distracted.

Yesterday morning, a huge storm started about ten minutes into yoga, which meant that aside from stretching out my uncooperative joints at six am, I also had a chance to watch a storm while I did it.

I can’t complain about getting up for that, chickens.

Plus, the rain stopped right before I had to get back into the world, something I was extremely grateful for.

Like I thought to pack an umbrella before the sun came up.

Today, I have plans to get.things.done, head back to the studio for some more yoga, and then meet up with my two favorite pals, JD and Ky, who I actually haven’t seen at the same time for what feels like several hundred decades.

We’ve got a trip coming up chickadees, which means we need a serious meeting to discuss where we want to stay, what we want to eat, and probably get so distracted that we get nothing accomplished while we laugh our asses off.

I suspect that’s sort of the point.



Enjoy this one, chickadees!


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