disconnected, but not really

Chickens, I’ve been running around San Francisco, which means I have been unable to amuse my small crowd of buddies on how it’s going over here, this week.

Well, it’s going. So far, I have been moving around with 50,000 of my closest friends at an Oracle conference, meeting and greeting while hanging in a booth, and trying to sample a little bit of the city (i.e. eating sundaes at Ghiradelli’s) while making all my meetings and passing out free lip balms.

I live a glam life you guys, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Also this week: my phone ended up stolen by someone on the street, because, it turns out, there are lots of homeless people sticking their hands in your stuff in San Francisco, which I don’t really remember from my last trip out here.

Which was in 2003.

So things are maybe different now.

In any case, I’m walking around for the next day phoneless, although I am plugged in both by laptop and iPad, so really, it’s a serious case of a  first world problem.

Also, my work pal has given me a card with her name and contact information, which I’m thinking of pinning to myself in case I become lost.

You can never be too careful, chickadees.

Up tonight: one more evening of getting things done,  an event that includes a concert by the Black Keys and Maroon 5, and a few hours of sleep before a long flight home.

Hope you’re enjoying this one, chicks.



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  1. Sorry about your phone. Bummer.

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