a few words and a day of celebration

Morning, chickadees.

I woke up this morning to gray, rainy skies, and I’m feeling a little under the weather myself, since I also woke up to a Dolphins loss (sorry, guys), and a government shut down.

About which I will say just this: When a bill passes into law, is upheld as constitutional by the United States Supreme Court, and is then backed up by a 2012 presidential vote in which the country clearly voted for the man whose name is attached to the law, I’m pretty sure we decided we’re good with it.

So, Congress, if your job is to represent us, then seriously, uncross your arms, put down your drinks, and go do what we asked you to do.

And turn the lights to the government back on while you’re at it, please.

I have about one million other things to say on the subject, but I’m told less is more, so I’ll leave it at that, for right this second.

More important about this day: Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday to the best dad anyone could ask for- I hope 51 is the best year yet! 


And with that, chickadees, I’m off to work, because it seems things didn’t shut down there.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it! 



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3 responses to “a few words and a day of celebration

  1. Al

    Happy Birthday to your dad. Give him my best wishes for his big day.

  2. Karla K.

    Well put as always my dear!!! Love you bunches and happy birthday to your pops! It’s BK’s birthday too so we’ll be celebrating this week right along with ya 🙂

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