learning to read, again.

While I’m in Vegas handing out giveaways in a booth, Ky gives us some insight into her latest reading ventures. Enjoy, chickens! 

About 3 months ago, I had the shocking realization that I was basically illiterate, well sort of.

I hadn’t picked up a single book in the year 2013 and probably for a couple of months before that. So embarrassing, made a little more so by the fact that my mother is a librarian. Sorry, Mom.

I was forced to admit this out loud in a room full of my best, most literary friends, when we resurrected book club a few months ago. Instead of all reading, then discussing the same book, we decided to give each other recommendations of books that we had recently read and loved. I had nothing to contribute; it was not a shining moment. I promptly read several of their suggestions in an attempt to redeem myself (I also hosted the next book club and force fed them all the wine just to make sure we were cool, book wise).

I had been on a roll so I decided, while in one of several airports that I’ve been in over the last few weeks that I wanted to be the kind of person that buys a book at the airport. There was a wide-ranging, intimidating selection to choose from. The first book I had read, when I figured out how to read again, was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It was super crazy and I read it in like 5 minutes, so I thought I would grab another book she wrote to see if she was always writing about such crazy people.  So I picked up Dark Places. You guys, the title is no joke. This is probably the darkest book I have come across since Kyle made us read American Psycho. I’m really trying to be literate but this book isn’t exactly helping.

Also, the answer seems to be yes, she creates a very thorough crazy person. I was trying to decide if I was just being a pansy, or if other people felt the same way, so I decided to take a look at some Amazon reviews. It’s got 4 out of 5 stars, and I’ve decided that this means I might be a pansy and that I should keep trudging. I’m thinking my next book will be more in the vein of Where’d you Go Bernadette, which I found to be just so great.



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2 responses to “learning to read, again.

  1. Missy Jacobs

    Great post and suggestions! My sister and I are sort of each others book club! We live in different states so we make it a point to both read the same book and then have a Skype date and chat about it. You might like the book we read last month, called “The Children of Gavrilek” by Julie Kirtón Chandler, http://www.juliekirtonchandler.com. We loved it and I think it’d be a great book club read. Thanks again for the suggestions, “Gone Girl” and “Dark Places” both sound very interesting so I’ll have to suggest these titles to her for up coming reads!

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