shaking out the glitter.

Chickadees, it’s me again, just checking in at the end of the week.

At this point (hopefully, hopefully), I have made it from Las Vegas to Boston, and am now about to embark on a fun weekend that involves walking around Bean town, hanging out with my West Coast sister, and cruising to Connecticut to spend some much needed time with my family.

Las Vegas for five days is a really long time, you guys.

However, among all the site visiting and people meeting and, I had a chance to be a tourist for a couple seconds, which meant a quick trip to the Pawn Stars store up the strip.



It’s a lot smaller in real life than I thought, and we didn’t see any celebrities, but we did manage to check out the merchandise and were promptly kicked out of the store when filming was to begin.

Also, when coming to Vegas for work and not being out on the town until early morning, there is the opportunity to check out the elusive Las Vegas sunrise.



It’s a pretty good looking town when the sun comes up, right?

However, I’m excited to get myself out to the East Coast, leaving behind the bright lights and glitter of Sin City. I hope everyone’s excited to dive right into this weekend, chickadees.


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