enjoying the hike.

Chickens, so sorry to be absent this week, but I’ve been all over the place, having a blast, and I haven’t had the time to check in.

But I’m pressing pause for just a second here, to give you a quick update on where I’ve been and who I’ve seen.

I’m sure I’m missing several amazing items though, I just can’t keep track of them all.

Over the past few days, I’ve seen my sister and her fiance, checked out her wedding venue, celebrated my grandparents’ 80th and 85th birthdays with all my family, eaten the most delicious pizza in all the world with my grandmother, aunts, and cousins, trekked around Boston with JW, stayed with Ky’s parents and sister (who are basically my parents and sister), and headed north for a couple of days with LE, one of my best friends for almost 20 years.

And you guys, I still have two states to get through until I get home to beautiful Chicago, which despite all of this awesomeness, I admit to missing.



After an amazing almost-week in New England, I’m headed by train tomorrow to New Jersey for a quick working stop, before joining my best pals JD and Ky in NYC for a long  weekend of relaxing and sight seeing before finally getting home to my favorite city and a normal routine.

Enjoy this one chickadees, it’s a beautiful week out there.


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