in its first wild promise.

Ok, chickens, I have arrived.

In New Jersey.

So maybe I’ve just made it here in one piece.

So I’m hoping to cruise through this day of work before hitting NYC proper tomorrow night.

Yesterday was a serious travel day, involving a ride from my Poppy (the world’s best chauffeur), two trains, three train stations, a couple of cabs, and a failed attempt at the hotel shuttle.

I’d like to note that it is exceedingly rude to, as two middle aged men, steal a cab right from under a young woman toting all kinds of cumbersome luggage on a street corner.

I regress, just slightly.

On the upside, despite hauling around several giant bags and a pop up banner (please, don’t ask) around Manhattan (and slamming into only a few disapproving New Yorkers), I made it to my room safely by early evening, ordered room service, answered e-mails, and turned in for the night.

I can not say enough about this approach to traveling.

Up today after my event: heading back to the city (this time, hopefully by hotel shuttle successfully), an evening wandering around solo, and a good night’s sleep in Manhattan before my buddies join me Saturday morning in Brooklyn. We have new sights to see, friends to meet, and places to go.

It’s time to enjoy this final leg, chickadees, and I intend to savor every moment.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it- and welcome to the weekend!


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