And I’m out for this one.

Morning, chickens!

I’m up and out early this morning, headed to about ten thousand meetings before finally getting myself back home.

I have a lot of DVR to catch up on from my trip.

And obviously, these are the kinds of priorities I’m focused on at the moment.

Can you even blame me?

Last night, I met my pal BW after work for Thai food and a catch up. B and I worked together for years, and when she left a couple of months ago I was both devastated and super happy for her.

B’s one of those people who is calm and collected, even when three hundred people are trying to cram into a room meant for one hundred and the air conditioning is seemingly broken.

I’m one of those people who starts to spaz out and briefly considers hiding in an elevator as an actual solution to the problem.

People like me need people like B.

We caught up over pad thai and the backdrop of a cold downtown night, and it was great to hear about her trip to Europe and her new gig.

Work friends turned real friends is one of my favorite things, you guys.

And now, I’m off to an early work meeting and a doughnut pickup to make it just a little less painful.

Whoever scheduled this meeting this early should be punched in the face, JW told me supportively this morning.

I then admitted it was me who scheduled it.

I stand by my statement, I think, he said.

A man of conviction.

I can’t even say I disagree.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.



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