and one makes three.

Morning, chickadees!

And welcome to Friday morning!

Aren’t you glad we made it here in one piece?

Once I skate through this day, I’m planning on a weekend of getting back to normal.

Which means a couple of potentially painful kettlebell classes, the task of making my condo look like it hasn’t just been ransacked, and filling my fridge with something other than almond milk and one onion.

Yes, chickens, things got a little desperate in the interim week over here.

All can be remedied, though, I’m sure of it.

Also in news this week (news to some, since most of you chickens who hang out with me in real life are already in-your-face aware): JW and I are expecting a little guy to join our family in late February.

After weeks of keeping it to myself on the blog, mostly because a) 40 weeks is a long time and who wants to hear me rattle on about exclusively being pregnant for over 9 months, and b) It turns out I do have just a couple of shreds of privacy in my personality (who knew?!), I’ve decided to spill for a few different reasons.

1) It is becoming rather obvious in photos that something’s going on. See here for evidence:



I promise that’s not just because of the bagels I’ve been consuming by the dozen.


2) My life, while not completely consumed by the fact that I’m now sporting jeans with a stretchy top (which by the way you guys, are amazing. We should all have them, for all the time), is just a little bit funnier when framed by expecting a child. For example, I’ve been enjoying G’s constant assurances at bells that my baby will obviously be a spartan, and my need for emergency carbs must be addressed with the public.

Basically, I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.

So after 23 weeks, here we are. I promise not to dwell on stroller brands and parenting books, but I do promise to tell you how I climbed on top of a plane seat to grab my bag from the overhead compartment last week because I forgot I was pregnant.

Some stony glares from my fellow passengers reminded me pretty fast.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickadees, and welcome to the weekend!



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2 responses to “and one makes three.

  1. Congrats! Exciting news.

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