celebrating another year of laughing it up.

Morning, chickadees!

And sorry that I didn’t make it over here yesterday- it was my first Monday showing up for work in about a hundred years, and the transition did not go smoothly.

I was slow, the trains were slow…the whole thing was slow.

Anyway, I made it, had a fairly productive day, and ended it by spending an hour with Gene, who observed me struggling to do some kind of leg raise ab circuit, and tried not to laugh as he said “this one is hard.”

As long as I’m still showing up, chickens.


Today, you guys, is the birthday of one of my favorite people in this world.

Today is the day that Ky finally joins (almost all of us) over here on the 29 bandwagon.



While I have actually embarrassing photos of Ky (our friendship dates back 18 years, chickens- that’s basically forever), I thought I’d focus on a couple of snaps from our almost-quarterly trips from 2013. The girls and I find it important to leave town every few months and take in the scenes.

We’re very cultured.

We like to drink in new cities.

In any case, Ky has been my friend through middle school (for which we both deserve a medal), through high school (when she deserves a prize, as upon moving to Michigan I became the Most Dramatic Teen ever), through colleges across the country where she lived in a place where hockey games incited riots and I lived in a place where crazy people stalked the streets late at night, until I finally got her to join me in Chicago oh, six years ago.

And by finally, I mean I asked her one time, and she said sure.

She’s easygoing, that one.

Ky’s one of my oldest and best friends, the kind of person who it was totally worth it to spend all my money on calling cards with in the late 90s, because now we get to hang out almost every day, and in case you were wondering, there is nothing better than your best friend living down the street.

Since Ky joined us in the Midwest, the laughing has increased exponentially, and you guys know that’s pretty much my number one life concern. I just can’t see anything else being as important.

I hope this year brings you the best yet, Ky- you deserve every second of it!




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