showing you thank you.

And we’re back at the beginning again, chickadees.

Not a terrible place to be, I’d say.

This was a productive weekend full of cleaning up and hanging out and hanging with some of my favorite people.

We took T to his first bowling experience, which was a blast until he decided (quite rightly) that the bowling alley was maybe too loud and too bright for his taste.

He prefers jumping on air mattresses and eating cookies en masse.

I don’t blame him.

All in all, it was a great couple of days, capped off by a day of football and an early bedtime last night.


This morning, I’ve seen about eight hundred posts about Veteran’s Day, which I love. Also this weekend, I happened to fall upon this link:

Oh man, you guys, it made me a little emotional.

In fairness, everything makes me a little emotional lately.

I think, for me, the most important thing this Veteran’s Day, is that besides saying thank you (which is important chickens, expressing gratitude is so important), we should all maybe task ourselves to think a little bit about how we can take care of these people who sign up to take care of us.

Because we couldn’t (and we don’t) all do it.

But some people do. And our job, besides throwing them parades and telling them thank you so much is showing them thank you so much by giving them employment and benefits and support, and in general, letting them know they’re the best.

You’re the best you guys.

Thanks to those who serve.


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