that made all the difference.

Morning, chickens!

Several good things came out of yesterday, including the fact that when I home from yoga last night, I was confronted with two large tupperware containers sitting in my living room.

On top of one of them were two pairs of winter boots, which are far more suitable for this weather than the boat shoes/no socks/yoga crops I was sporting at that very moment.

I had texted JW from the bus that I was planning on taking it straight to Florida, and that the baby and I would just see him in the May-ish time frame.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the bus only knows how to slowly chug down Addison, but since I’ve now got my boots, I guess we’ll just stay.

In addition, I headed into warm (ish) yoga last night with a plan of attack, which was completely dissimilar to last week, when the heat took me by surprise and I simply melted for an hour in front of a heat lamp.

This time, I was armed with a bottle of cold water and a seat by the door.

A nice, drafty door.

This seemed to make all the difference, and thus, my yoga practice continues as baby W changes my center of gravity at least once a week.

It’s interesting to balance as someone who’s suddenly become front-heavy, chickadees.

And with that, I’m off to hit the office and then spend the evening relaxing, and maybe hunting down more winter gear.

Enjoy this one, chicks!


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