getting things done and finding another gem.

Happy Tuesday, chickens.

It’s cold again here, and I have approximately 9000 meetings between me and the end of this day, but I’m keeping all those good things in mind from yesterday.

It’s either that or slog through the day with the worst attitude ever.

Which seems like a pretty dismal way to set myself up for this one.

Last night, due to forgetting to pack key components of my bell outfit (i.e. you can’t jump around with a kettlebell when you’ve misplaced your sports bra, chickadees. It wouldn’t have been a pretty sight), I headed home instead, where I forced myself to be useful for an hour before retreating to some well-deserved DVR.

You guys, Chicago Fire is too much for me. All those good looking men doing life saving things in my favorite city.

I can’t handle it.

But I also can’t look away.

One more thing I still can’t look away from, even though I totally should.

Rob Ford’s constant, near-psychotic mishaps as the Toronto mayor.

Who is this guy?



For the good of my sanity (and my incessant web browsing of his next antics), someone should really figure out a way to take this guy out of power.

In the meantime, I will continue to bring you these bizarre gems.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickadillos!


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