keeping it full.

Morning chickens!

It’s been a crazy couple of days over here- I’ve got family in town (or in transit to be in town), meetings that insist I attend them, a husband who’s studying up a storm, and friends to meet up with and celebrate.

Also, I’m still in the business of child-growing over here, which requires some level of energy.

Baby W is keeping up, though. He’s a man about town.

As long as I get him home by ten.

Up today: I clean my house for my annual Friendsgiving tomorrow, brine a turkey (you guys, I make this every year. It sounds odd but it’s the most delicious turkey I’ve ever conquered) within an inch of its life, hit up yoga for an hour of getting zen and breathing deeply, and then spend some time in the city with my mom and grandma.

It’s a busy life over here, even on a day when I don’t have to head into the office.

I’d rather be running errands on this one, chickadees.

I hope everyone else is getting ready to enjoy the last weekend before the unleashing of the holiday season.

I’m just about ready to get festive over here, chicks.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, and happy Friday!




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