nice endings and new beginnings.

Morning, chickadees!

It’s freezing here in the Second City, but I’m countering that horrifying fact with the news that I’ve got a very short week and a lot of fun ahead of me in the next few days.

My plans involve working only two days, crossing off another doctor appointment, and spending some serious time relaxing in the suburbs with my family.

This weekend was also lovely, and included our first Friendsgiving at the new condo.

We fit, just barely.

We also ate delicious food, let everyone know what we were thankful for (legos, was my favorite answer), and counted it as our first annual gathering at which we got to hang out with a baby.

Sam was definitely the star of the show.



We’ve been hosting some kind of Friendsgiving potluck since 2005, and it’s one of my favorite times to reflect on the years past. While this year was a little less rowdy than usual (this happens when your host has a curfew of oh, say, 10:00 PM), it was another success of looking around the table at all the people I love and feeling really good about it.

In addition, in the past eight years at some point, I’ve figured out how to prepare a turkey without wrestling it to the ground.

Cue 2009’s method:



Yes, that’s JD and I pouring a turkey into a bag on the ground.

Ky is, of course, holding the camera.

The trick is to just keep laughing, chickadees.


Also up this week (actually up in like, eight hours!!), JW finishes his whole GD MBA after 2+ years of late nights, investments into Starbucks, and brain racking.

Over the past couple years, I’ve pretty much considered it my job to remind JW that he’s smart enough to get As, to keep him fed, make him laugh, and get out of his way when I knew he needed to study.

Obviously, all the easy stuff.

Today’s a good time to let him know how incredibly proud of him I am: Seriously, I don’t know anyone who works harder and complains less about it. I can’t wait to celebrate the strong finish tonight!

Also, with all this free time on his hands, I can’t wait to discuss what kind of hobbies he should take up.

I’m thinking maybe knitting.

Enjoy this one, chicks!



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