a lot of gravy.

Happy day-before-the-feast everyone!

Over here in Chicago, I have taken the rest of the week off, and my plans are to drink coffee, force myself into an hour of yoga (it’s tempting to not set foot outside today), and then hang with my family for the rest of the day.

All preparation for tomorrow, which is my favorite holiday, since it’s focused on food and not my Amazon.com purchases.

Christmas can be a lot of pressure, chickens.

In this time of gratitude and thanksgiving, I thought I would be remiss if I started the day without a very incomplete but heartfelt attempt at articulating what I have been thankful for over the past twelve months.

I’ll probably miss a lot of things.

I’m thankful for the roof over my head, and that JW helped me get my act together enough to help him pick out a condo. I’m also thankful he moved us into it while I was off on a 14 day work adventure.

I’m thankful that when I came home from the work adventure to the new condo adventure, I found out almost immediately that we were having a baby.

Another adventure.

You guys, I like the trend of this year.

I’m thankful that I have a set of the very best, very smartest group of friends. I know that the older you get, the harder it is to hold onto all your pals, and I’m so thankful that Baby W’s going to be born into such a wide net of people who love him.


And who make his mom and dad laugh so hard.


I’m thankful that my mom, dad, and brother live only 25 minutes away, and that I get to spend as much time hanging with them as I do.

Would you not want to hang out with this guy as much as possible?



I’m thankful that I have a job that still houses a handful of my besties, makes it possible for me to pay my bills, and makes me smile at least once a day, mostly because of guys like this.



I’m thankful for my family who doesn’t live here, but who is all around me every day anyway.





I’m thankful for all the babies hanging around (and if you’re under 18, you count).







Chickadees, I’m mostly thankful this day-before-Thanksgiving because I have a full, happy life that I probably take for granted more often than I should. I have shelter and love and warm clothes and working limbs and really, everything else is just gravy.

And I’ve got a lot of gravy.

Enjoy this one, chickens. We’re all so much luckier than we give ourselves credit for, and we deserve to reflect on that, at least once a year.


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  1. Emily (Havens) Robinson

    I’m way, way (WAY) behind as usual, but my heartfelt congratulations to you and JW on your forthcoming new addition! You are such a positive, intelligent and kind person – that’s one lucky baby coming your way. 🙂 Hope you guys have a very happy set of holidays this year! ❤

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