public transit, even better.

Another gray one out there, chickens.

This morning, I woke up with a specific outfit in mind. It took me about 30 seconds of reality, however, to remember that the top I had in mind was from my regular days, and likely would, at this point, look something like a socially unacceptable crop top if I tried to wrestle it over my growing tenant.

I’m trying not to compress Baby W in there.

Maternity tops only from here on out, chickens.

I’ve found that perhaps the most interesting part of being pregnant during the winter-ish months is that my coat makes me appear much more like a normal human than I actually am, which means people don’t give up their seats willingly (unless I unbutton my coat, and maybe flaunt the bump a little- something I’m not above doing). Luckily, I’ve become fairly quick on my feet for someone carrying around a bunch of weight in her midsection, and I’m basically sniffing out empty seats left and right.

I shouldn’t be underestimated.

My latest chuckle though, comes from people who merely swivel their knees out of my way so I can walk around them to get off the train.

They’re rudely awakened when they get a face full of belly, and you guys, I can only laugh about it.

It turns out public transit is only made funnier by pregnancy.

I’ll take any reason to keep laughing, chickens.

Enjoy this one- we’re halfway there!


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