the happiest of birthdays

Hey there chickens.

Since it’s a Friday and I will likely not find time to post again until Monday, I wanted to take a little time out to celebrate one of my favorite people on this earth.

He’s turning 2 on Sunday.


The year Tobin was born was a huge year for me. I got a promotion at work, planned a wedding, and JW and I were married (and fell off a dock).

I also lost my uncle that year, which I know is something I bring up maybe too often, but chickens, it’s a big part of my story.

When my uncle  passed away in September, despite the fact that I was happy to be marrying JW and starting a new, exciting chapter, I was hazy. I cried a lot. I wasn’t sure about things, you guys. I wasn’t sure that the world would get really, truly, good again.

The second I met T, chickadees, all these good feelings about the world rushed right back into my veins. It seems like maybe I’m saying this because I’m hormonal and my godson is about to turn 2, which is decidedly not a baby any more, but I’ve thought about this a lot over the past 24 months, and I’m 100% sure that for me, T coming into this world was the only thing that could snap me out of the dark-ish place I was heading.

We should all be so lucky to have tiny babies come to our rescue exactly when we need them to show up.

Since the second Tobin was born, JW and I have been furiously, totally in love with him in a way that I know will snowball right into our love of our nephew Sam and of our own little guy who’s set to arrive what feels like any second here.


So we’ll be celebrating this little guy all weekend. Thanks for making us laugh so much over the past couple years, for giving me huge hugs exactly when I’ve needed them, for being such a perfect fit to your amazing family, and for being the brightest spot we could have ever imagined you being in our lives. I can’t imagine what it would have looked like without you, and I’m so glad I don’t have to- happy birthday, Toblerone!



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