spilling into the week ahead.

Morning chickens!

We’ve already sailed past Monday.

This is an accomplishment, especially since it’s the kind of weather where leggings under work pants is an acceptable method of staying warm, and also, we’re getting really close to the holidays, which is making it very difficult for me to focus on getting.things.done.

This past weekend, we celebrated T’s 2nd birthday with cake, presents, and lots of sighing with disbelief about how big he is.

I also tried to slip in a couple more hints that his new baby friend is on his way soon, but T wasn’t having any of it.

“Tobin- is the baby coming soon?”


Hopefully, he’s more excited when the baby shows up. I’m thinking he’s maybe tired of waiting for the alleged baby to show up, and would rather just play with his new birthday presents.

Fair enough.

Also this weekend: the first real snow, which we’ll be tromping through for some time, due to the freezing cold temperatures out there, putting up our Christmas tree and finding a place for every chubby animal ornament I’ve acquired over the years, babysitting our nephew Sam, making close to 200 cookies with J&K (why was it so hard to make the sugar cookies last time, I wondered to the girls. We were drunk, J said matter-of-factly. Excellent point.), and caught Catching Fire with the teens on Sunday night.



It was a lovely weekend, despite being abbreviated due to a work meeting, which also ended up being sweet with a surprise shower over lunch, and lots of cute goodies for Baby W.

We capped off Monday with an easy doctor’s appointment and a big win over the Cowboys, and chickadees, I’m feeling ready to tackle the rest of this week.

Bundle up out there, and enjoy this one!


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