a new boss in town.

Happy hump day, chickens!

Despite the fact that the snow just keeps coming, I’m feeling good about the fact that I’ve got a half-ish day in front of me, one more commute in tomorrow, and then a day to spend tree-gazing, yoga-posing, and non-public transporting.

Those are the main things that make me happy at this juncture.

Yesterday I took a trip to my RA doctor’s office, where she confirmed that all my joints look fairly normal, and that basically, I have Baby W to thank.

RA is an autoimmune disease, which basically means that my body is in a constant state of trying to fight off cells that are actually very healthy, thus all the inflammation.

When a new baby first starts growing, he sends out a signal to your body reminding it that he’s not actually a disease, but a visitor for the next nine months who’d appreciate an accommodating womb. So my fighting-obsessed immune system has taken a break.

Basically, he’s the boss of me for now.

I’ll allow it, since he’s accomplishing more with his demands than I do with all my stretches and natural remedies.

Also this week (today, actually): touring the hospital, which means this week’s third visit to Northwestern Hospital.

For someone who used to only show up at the doctor for a high school sports physical, I’ve become a frequent flyer.

This one sounds a little more enjoyable than joint strength tests and blood pressure cuffs though.

Stay warm, chickens, and enjoy this one!


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