taking the tour and marching through the week

Morning, chickens!

I’m dreading the thought of heading out in this one, since my phone is telling me I’m about to deal with sub zero temperatures.

The kind of day that would maybe be better spent inside.

Alas, it’s the last one of the week for me, so I’ll suck it up, hope my coat stays snapped up (things are getting a little precarious when it comes to my coat and it fitting around all parts of me, you guys) and trudge into the office.

If we can all get that done, I think it counts as the day’s chief accomplishment.

Until the commute home, anyway.

Yesterday, JW and I checked out the hospital where Baby W will be making his grand entrance. This meant a nice, early day for both of us, and a tour through where I’ll be making all my stops in February.

My dad’s a nurse, and has pretty much always worked in a hospital, so hospitals don’t freak me out. I actually really like them. I know people (read: my husband) find this to be really odd, but I like hearing about how the leaf motif is meant to bring the outside in, and I also like knowing all the ins and outs of the floors before getting there. I like the hustle and bustle of people taking care of other people.

Mostly I like the fact that you can order food 24 hours a day. Let’s stick to the important stuff.

Once we finished up and JW vetoed my plan to wait until the last minute to head into the hospital so as to avoid time in triage (just like the airport, I mused. I don’t like spending any time waiting around. JW noted that he’d prefer if the Northwestern doormen not be the ones to deliver the little guy. We’ll compromise, I guess), we headed home before sundown, wrapped presents (well, JW wrapped presents. I watched.), watched movies, and drank hot chocolate.

Not a better way to get through the middle of the week, chickens.

Stay warm out there today- we’re so close to the weekend.



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