and we’re right back here again.

Morning, chickens!

We’ve hit the halfway point of the week- that was fast.

I think that was fast, anyway.

Up today: several million meetings followed by the company holiday party, which will obviously be a very tame event for me this year.

In fact, I think that wrestling myself into a pair of maternity tights (tights with a panel are weird, you guys), might be the most exciting part of my holiday party experience, and luckily, I’ve already gotten that over with for the morning.

Quick tip: Should you ever find yourself in need of donning a pair of maternity tights, you should get them on in the privacy of your own room, with the door closed, with no other humans even present in your home, lest they come in by accident and witness something they can’t un-see.

Yes, I’d say it was that bad.

But I’ve always been uncoordinated, so maybe it was just me.

In any case, in years past the holiday party has consisted of several after events, all culminating in a nice, boozy cab ride home with my pals.

We’ve been doing this since that was an acceptable practice in our lives.

At age not-quite-thirty, I would argue that it still technically is.

Please see above for examples of our youthful trips to the Hangge Uppe, and JK’s name tag, still affixed at the bar, just in case we made some new friends. Also, a picture of CJ at her tannest ever for the Chicago winter.

Despite the fact that I will not be drinking my usual handful of white wines before switching to well vodka and dancing in 2013, I am looking forward to an early exit from the office and a chance to stop and chat before everyone scatters to their respective corners of the Midwest next week.

And with that, I’m off to get this party started.

Enjoy this one, chickens!



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